Alpine adventure

The last week of July was dedicated to mineral collecting trip to the Alps. Unlike the last year, we had pretty nice weather all the time in the Mont Blanc massif. Our base camp was significantly higher this time and we managed to make some long trips over the glacier to the peaks around. The irony is that the best crystal pocket was discovered just about 15 minutes from our base camp. However the last day was really nasty weather, lot of rain and cold wind. The weather forecast promised another 3 days of rain, so we had to cancel our planned visit to other alpine localities in Switzerland. Despite the shortened program, the hikes, collecting minerals and photography conditions were simply great.

glacier in the french alps

You have to hike up the loooong glacier to get to some promising spots.

glacier in the mont blanc massif

Awesome views but also hard work to carry all the stuff up to the base camp.

camping on the alpine glacier

Camping on the upper part of the glacier.

alpine peaks and the glacier

Fresh snow covered the peaks during the night thunderstorm.

steep glacier and peaks

Climbing these steep and cracked glaciers is not that easy – you bet there is a reason why alpine minerals are so expensive!

sunset in the alpine camp

Sunset in the cold base camp.

crystals from the alpine pocket

Some quartz crystals mined from the pockets called alpine clefts.

smoky quartz cluster

Sometimes you got lucky and find such nice cluster of smoky quartz just laying on the glacier.



Trip to Oslava river valley

The trip to the Oslava river valley was full of blooming shrubs and trees and early spring flowers. We walked about 20 km, saw many nice sceneries, part of the Oslava valley is in the lovely canyon between the steep cliffs. Selection of few nice photos is bellow.


Blooming blackthorns were everywhere along the fields and roads


Cherry tree in bloom near the ฤŒuฤice village


Flowering yellow Fig Buttercups (Ficaria verna) along the Oslava river


The old water mill and Oslava river from the cliffs above the valley

First spring flowers

I did first photos of the first spring flowers of 2015 today. Not much of them yet, mostly crocuses, some snowdrops and winter aconites. Spring flowers are my favourite subject, some more to come for sure ๐Ÿ™‚


First snowdrops of the 2015! Not the best composition but there were no other options available. I had to stack two pictures to get both flowers sharp.


Group of purple crocuses. I did hundreds of these and I still like it, nice flowers!


Winter aconite (Eranthis) is usually the first flower to appear. I was lucky to find this nice group of them.