Free photos

I have decided to make a bold move and let you use some of my pictures for free. So here is the deal:

1) ALL photos published on this website inside my blog posts are free to use for your personal or business use under further limitations:

2) You may use these photos on your website, print them or use them in your business. But you are NOT allowed to RESELL or REDISTRIBUTE my pictures. This includes e.g. printing and selling my pictures on t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, postcards or anything else.

3) You are NOT allowed to post my pictures on ANY social network. Most of social networks claims the unrestricted and unlimited licence to ALL uploaded content (including rights to resell the photos!). I am not going to allow this.

4) You are not allowed to remove the watermark unless you ask me first and I EXPLICITLY allow it.

5) The photos are provided “as is” and I EXPLICITLY state that I do NOT warrant you anything. If you break the rules, loose money or get into any type of trouble because of using my photos – its your fault.

6) Certain photos with people, private property, logos, design etc. MAY require further paperwork like Property or Model release (which I do NOT provide here!). Use of such photos is strictly limited to editorial and non-commercial use!

7) If you need anything special, more photos, large resolution etc. – contact me at zbynek(snail) and we can discuss that. My normal licences for larger pictures without watermark and with RF or RF editorial licence are available for $1-$5.

8) Backlink to my website is highly welcome. But please do not hotlink the images.

9) This deal is based on “fair use” and “common sense”. Use my photos, have fun, make no harm to me or others. Simple as that. Good folks know what I mean and bad folks dont care anyway.