Lunar Eclipse 28. September 2015

I was very unsure about photographing the lunar eclipse. The only tele lens I have is cheap Tamron 70-300 with awful load of chromatic aberation. And it is not long enough. The afternoon was all cloudy but the sky cleared later in the evening. So I somehow managed to move myself outside into the damn cold night. The magnification was not great at all so I’ve decided to try a timelapse. The result is pretty ok for the first attempt of such task.

Some of the test shots before the timelapse.
And here we go – 29 minutes with 4 frames per minute, 25 fps video.

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  1. Making an effort is always appreciated. I also thought about taking some photos of it, but I was way too lazy to get up into such a cold night. Your lunar captures are nice! Congratulations! 😉


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