Mineral photos with reflection

The short visit of Martin Gruell in Linz resulted in some nice mineral photos from his collection. I learned some new photo tricks from Martin and my friend Albert Russ, both very skilled mineral photographers. I finally managed to properly merge the photos with various focus to achieve very high DOF, improved the background isolation process and learned to create false reflection. This brings the photos to the whole new level. It means more Photoshop work – but I save a lot of time while shooting and do not have to bring whole studio with me.

tourmaline from paprok, afghanistanNice 3.5 cm high pink tourmaline in white albite from Paprok, Afghanistan. This photo was made of 3 layers to achieve good DOF.

gwindel smoky quartz from AlpsThe multiple rotated twin of smoky quartz (called gwindel) from the Alps, about 8 cm wide.

moving trainPhoto of the moving train on the way home.

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